Sri Lanka Journal of Population Studies (SLJPS) –Volume 21 Number 2 and Volume 22 Number 1

The Journal Volume 21 Number 2 carries papers titled Socio-economic differentials and regional variations in cancer and circulatory disease deaths attributed to nonspecific causes in Sri Lanka, Migrate or stay behind? Gendered negotiations regarding children's education, Multidimensional poverty among the estate population of Badulla District in Sri Lanka, Safe sanitation & population health and a book review on the publication “Ageing population” of Sri Lanka. 


SLJPS Volume 22 Number 2 will be launched in year 2021. 


Publishing an bi-annual refereed journal named Sri Lanka Journal of Population Studies - Volumes 1 to 22 (1) have been already published


PASL2As prescribed in the constitution, a Journal named "Sri Lanka Journal of Population Studies" is being published.  This is the only learned journal published in Sri Lanka for the field of demography/population studies.  Twenty one volumes of the journal have been so far published.  An international advisory board was appointed from this year to maintain the prestige of the journal. The United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA) provided the financial support to publish these five volumes. The contents of the past volumes are appended here. 


Publishing PASL News letter

PASL 22A "News Letter" which contains the current news, facts, data and information related to PASL and current Population Issues in Sri Lanka will be published twice a year with the assistance of PASL memberships.

PASL News letter can be download here.
Volume 3, Issue 1, July 2008
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